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About India

India is a vivid country, fenced by rich culture and heritage. It is expanded around a large geographical area, and consists of picturesque beauties in between. With crown of Himalayas in north to the extended fantasy of nature in Kashmir, India is nicely dressed up with jewels of Coveted Ornaments. The whopping horizon of Indian Ocean, from the magnificent Bay of Bengal in the East to the outstanding Arabian Sea in the West, decorates the country with the stars of heaven. Going further, the coast line of mainland, Lakshadweep Island, Andaman And Nicobar Island, takes a traveler to the home of wonderland. To support our clients explore India in a comprehensive way, our services of Hotel Booking Services, Business Hotel Booking Services, Taxi Booking, Ticket Booking For Bus, Train and Flights, are best in the market place.

Choose The Ideal Services

We are a service oriented organization, with the base intact at the conspicuous quality pillars. The penetration in our dreams by the desire of travel loving people, have made us stand out with the responsibility to serve them. We show complete transparency while dealing with the customers, and try to solve their quires related to travel, with honest and result oriented solutions. Every kind of necessary parameters regarding Travel Insurance, Travel Policy, Claims, etc are taken care of in an efficient manner. The list of our services are as follows:
  • Hotel Booking Services
  • Business Hotel Booking Services
  • Itinerary Planning
  • Taxi Or Cab Booking For Transportation
  • Ticket Booking For Bus, Train Or Airline Travel
  • Visa Stamping
Landing Dreams (Tour Packages)

Our packages are a kind of kind mind boggling treasures for those who dares to hold the vision of a life long traveling journey. In addition, these packages are clubbed with immaculate services of Ticket Booking, Visa Stamping, Hotel And Restaurant Arrangements, everything under the gamut of a perfect tour package. The list of tour packages is as follows:
  • Domestic Tour Packages
    • Beautiful Himalayan Tour
    • Eastern Delight Tour
    • The Green Triangle Tour
    • Picturesque Darjeeling
    • North East Tour
    • Exotic Kashmir Tour
    • Goa Tour
  • International Tour Packages
    • Dubai Tour
    • European Tour
    • Malaysia Tour
    • Mauritius Tour
    • Singapore Tour
    • Thailand Tour
Travel Insurance

Security Always remains the first option to choose from, before conducting any kind of work. As it is of traveling now, people pay serious concerns on medical insurance, life insurance, etc. Having understood this fact, we offer complete services for several kind of insurance policies. As far as International Travel Policies are concerned, they covers all kinds of medical expenses of an individual when traveling abroad. Different  policies are regulated in various countries, owing to the medical infrastructure and accompanying conditions. In addition to this, we also look upon some major issues of Deductions and claims.

We Are With You

A place of brilliance and beauty is only judged by the footfalls of the tourists. We understand the importance and value of them to determine the existence of a travel spot. Our ethical and transparent service procedures, provides the customers sufficient space to deal with us without any hesitation. Moreover, the organization supports its clients in collecting travel related information like Travel Insurance, Claims, Choosing Proper Destination, etc. Moreover, the team of expert travel agents, continuously guides the customer on the way of an impeccable and coveted tour package.